Well, it seems like you are getting SPAM email from addresses with @dinoto.org at the end. Usually, some junk like ywhh followed by @dinoto.org.

The short explanation -and the only one I can give you- is that probably one of the users of @dinoto.org addresses (which are my family, I fear) has managed to have his/her email address added to spam lists.

With the nice, new and sophisticated antispam filters included in every email client, spammers try to circumvent them by creating their junk as if they were coming from credible addresses, addresses with domains that really exist. Where do they take those real domains...? Yes, from the very same spam lists they have.

At the end of the day, very little we can do except keep training our spam filters, never getting into chain mailings and of course: NEVER EVER BUYING or even ANSWER SPAM email. Believe me, if you want better sex, need some Viagra or a new home loan you should be smarter and find help outside the Internet.

Thanks for stoping by...

Pablo Di Noto.

Now you can guess my real email address, don't you? :-)